I/DD Services

I/DD Services Include:

Turning Point Services' I/DD Services are focused on empowering our clients to lead a self-directed life.  We work hard to ensure that the things that are important to our clients are the focus during the time we provide services.  So, whether the person wants to learn to cook, spend more time in the community or gain employment, TPS works with the client and those close to them to develop a plan that includes the goals to assist our clients in living the life they choose.  Some of I/DD Services include:

  • Home and Community Supports
  • Personal Care
  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Living
  • Day Supports (selected sites)
  • Respite Care
  • Specialized Consultative Services
  • Individual/Caregiver Training and Education

I/DD Services at Turning Point

I/DD Services at Turning Point offer many choices for those who use our services.  In addition to our clients and those close to them, we work with five MCOs across the state to develop goals and plans that help to those we serve to accomplish the things that matter to them.

  • Our I/DD Services Home and Community Supports offers clients the opportunity to volunteer in the community, spend time doing things they enjoy like exercising or going out with friends.
  • Our I/DD Services Supported Employment offers clients the chance to apply for, obtain and maintain employment, all with support from TPS staff.
  • Our I/DD Services Respite Care allows family and guardians a chance to spend some time focusing on things they need to accomplish while also offering the client a chance to do things they want to do.
  • TPS' I/DD Services Personal Care offers assistance to clients who may need extra help with things like bathing or using the restroom.
  • Our I/DD Services Supported Living offers clients who want to live independently the opportunity to do so, while still having support from our trained staff.

Vocational Services

  • Supported Employment – Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Adult Developmental Vocational Programs
  • Long Term Follow-up
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State Funded Services

  • Developmental Therapy
  • Personal Assistance
  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
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Residential Services

  • Supported Living
  • Alternative Family Living
  • Apartment Living Programs
  • Residential Group Living Programs

Adult Day Programs

Located in Morganton